Question: How do I register?

Answer: To place a bid, you must first register in the office. You will need a valid photo ID to receive a “BIDDER’S NUMBER.” This registration is simple and will only take a few moments.

Questions: How do I consign my items to the auction?

Answer: To consign your quality items to the auction Call for Availability Monday to Friday 8am to 6PM as we are doing Online Auctions. When you get to the auction house, Commission is a flat rate of 35%.

If you have an estate or large ticket items please call to discuss the commission rate with us.

Question: What’s involved in the checkout process?

Answer: After successfully winning the item you bid on go to the office and pay for it. All items need to be paid for prior to taking it out of the building. You can buy multiple items before paying, but all items must be paid for before exiting the building. Please present your receipt to the door greeter when leaving so they can check off your items. ALL AUCTION RULES APPLY.

Question: Can I bid online?

Answer: No.

Question: What is your return policy?

Answer: EVERY THING IS SOLD AS IS. NOTHING IS GUARANTEED. THERE ARE NO REFUNDS, AND NO CHANGING YOUR MIND. ALL AUCTIONS ARE FINAL. Please understand and know what you’re bidding on, because once the auctioneer says sold and you’re the winning bidder, that puts you in a binding contract to pay for and take the item that you bid on.